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    What is the Difference Between a Snowboard Helmet and a Skateboard Helmet?

    While both skateboarding and snowboarding are extreme sports that require protective gear, the helmets used for each sport differ in a few key ways. Snowboarding helmets tend to be thicker and warmer, while skateboard helmets are designed to be lighter and cooler. Both types of helmet offer protection from serious head injuries, but being aware of the subtle differences can help you choose the right one for your needs, since different sports mean different challenges. A snowboarding helmet is rather designed to withstand side impacts, stand cold weather and skiing speeds, and can take multiple impacts. Skateboarding helmets protect the back of the head more, especially against a single impact,…

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    What Size Snowboard Bag Should I Get?

    It’s always tough trying to figure out what size of snowboard bag to get. You don’t want it to be too big and bulky, but you also don’t want it to be too small because your snowboard won’t fit in the end. In this guide, we’ll help you figure out what size snowboard bag is right for you. Choose a snowboard bag that is 10 cm or 4 inches longer than your snowboard, since the padding and extra gear may take up space. A shorter bag will not fit a bigger board. Check if you want to put the whole gear in the bag or only the snowboard, look for…

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    How to Wash Snowboard Bag?

    Before you can head off into the mountains for snowboarding, you need to make sure you have all the snowboard gear you need to make your trip comfortable and safe. One item you don’t want to forget is a snowboard bag. Not only will it protect your snowboard from getting scratched or damaged, but it will also keep your things organized while you’re on the slopes. So, how to keep your snowboard bag clean? The backpack should not be washed in a washing machine. Remove all of your gear from the bag. Vacuum clean the dust from the bag if needed. Hand washing and air drying is preferable to avoid…

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    How to Paint a Snowboard Helmet?

    Painted helmets are all the rage right now and for good reason too! Not only do they look great, but they can also help you stand out from the crowd on the slopes, and also protect you from head injuries. If you’re thinking of painting your snowboard helmet or your ski helmet, here are some tips to get started. Clean the helmet before painting. Use painter’s tape to mask any helmet parts you don’t wish to paint. Use a primer if you want to make sure you have an even coat. Remove any drips of primer with sandpaper. Use spray paints or a traditional paint to paint the helmet with…

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    How to Dry Snowboard Boots?

    Wet snowboard boots are the last thing you want to deal with if you snowboard. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also lead to some serious health problems or damage to your equipment. Thankfully, drying your snowboard boots is a relatively easy process that can be done in a number of ways. Dry snowboard boots right after using them, brush off any snow from them. Use ventillation and a moderate heat source. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and keep the boots clean at all times, using a special boot dryer may also be helpful. Keeping the boots dry will also prevent the buildup of bad odor. Here are a…

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    How Long Do Snowboard Boots Last?

    Just like anything else in life, when it comes to snowboarding boots there is a lifespan. How long will snowboard boots last? An average pair of snowboard boots lasts around 60 rides. However, that answer can depend on a number of factors: how often you ride, what type of terrain you’re hitting, how well you take care of the snowboard boots, and more. Less usage and good maintenance will lead to a longer boot lifespan, around 1-4 years or seasons. In this article, we break down all you need to know about the average boot lifespan so you can get the most out of your gear! The Snowboard Boots’ Condition…

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    How to Attach Snowboard to Roof Rack?

    Many people enjoy winter sports, including snowboarding. If you’re one of these people, how do you get your snowboard to the mountain on top of your car? With modern technology, it’s easier than ever to attach a snowboard rack to your vehicle. Install the carrier or cargo box on top of your car. Put the snowboard on the rack, and lock the carrier arms or tie straps around the snowboard. If you have a cargo box, install it, place the snowboard in it. Lock the box, and ready to go. Make sure to fix the items properly, so that they wouldn’t fall off and cause an accident. In this post,…

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    How to Remove Stickers from Snowboard?

    Snowboard is a unique and different kind of sport equipment that can be used to perform fancy tricks and stunts into the snow. However, even if it is a very useful equipment people often get annoyed because of stickers. This article will teach how to remove stickers from snowboard. If the sticker doesn’t come down at once from your snowboard, try a wet cloth or sponge to remove it easier by rubbing it. Try using a hair dryer, lighter fluid, oil, WD40 or windex to heat or weaken the adhesive under the sticker for easier removal from the snowboard. Be careful not to damage the snowboard while using any of…

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    How to Store Snowboards?

    As a winter sports fan, it is important to know how to store snowboards. Whether you are just starting out or you have been doing this sport for years, it is important to know how to hang snowboards on wall properly so that you do not risk scratching or damaging your board. Clean the snowboard from any dirt or dust, store it in a dry place. Wax the snowboard to avoid any rust building up. Remove the bindings and small parts and store them somewhere where they don’t get lost. Dry the boots and mittens to avoid bad smell, do up the boots and bindings laces so they wouldn’t deform…

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    How to Take Your Snowboard on a Plane?

    The most common question asked by people who want to learn how to take your snowboard on a plane is, “What do I need to pack for my trip?” The answer to this question will vary depending on the airline, in which you will be traveling. If you want to know how to take your snowboard on a plane with you, there are some general guidelines that you should keep in mind. To take a snowboard on a plane you need to pack it properly, and check the airline guidelines about their ski baggage policy. Be aware of the specific size and weight limitations if there are any, and if…