The product line received a pretty huge overhaul for 2016. Some New Innovative materials and construction techniques are being utilized to enhance performance and durability (some are proprietary and therefore if we explained them further, we’d have to kill you).
  • We’ve Introduced two new styles for 2016 that we are extremely excited about. The Vector Leather Pipe glove is a midweight Leather “pipe” glove, but it truly performs all season long, in all conditions, in and out of the pipe. The GLOVEinBLACK is truly a piece of art, both Technicallyand Aesthetically speaking. By Blending the durability and dexterity of our water resistant Japanese Leather with the waterproofing Technology of our DEFTEX Nylonand DFX Inserts, we have created a masterpiece of Performance. At the same timewe tailored that Technology to represent Classic Rockabilly styling in tribute to one of, if not THE, greatest recording artist of all time. Just like the man, the GLOVEin- BLACK transcends Genre. its not just this OR that, Its this AND that.
  • We have also sourced new manufacturing for our apparel and accessories, so you will fi nd innovativeand exciting new features in the cut, material, quality of our tees, hoody’sand zips. You’ll also see innovative designs and details in our headwear program for 2016.