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A snowboard is an absolute necessity for any snowboarder. A snowboard resembles a small surfboard, equipped with bindings. To find a snowboard that is right for you, first you must determine your own needs such as what kind of snowboarding you plans to do. There are several types including freestyle, freeride, and race. Each type of snowboarding requires a different type of board. There are many different sizes, brands and models – so be sure to shop around.

The main equipment that you will need for snowboarding is the board itself, snowboard boots and snowboard bindings. Of course you should also wear a good quality snow pants, helmet, jackets and gloves. You can rent this equipment at ski resorts if you want to try out the sport before purchasing any equipment. It is actually a good idea to rent the equipment first anyway to find out which brand and size is best suited for you. Look for my latest article about snowboard sizing.

The main styles of snowboarding are ‘freeride’ and ‘freestyle’ with ‘freecarve’ also being quite popular.


This is the most common style of snowboard riding and probably the easiest. It is the style that you want to be doing if you are a beginner as it is simply just riding down a mountain. Whether it is the mildest of slopes or the steepest of slopes if you are just doing a straight ride down the slope then it is a freeride.

A rider however can use some tricks while riding freeride if he chooses by using any natural terrain that may be on the slope he is riding on.

When riding freeride riders will usually have a soft boot and the snowboard itself will often be longer with stiffer flex, this is to ride effectively on any type of snow condition you may encounter.


The freestyle style is when the rider uses man made obstacles such as boxes, jumps, half pipes, quarter pipes, rails and more. They will use these objects to perform tricks such as aerial or jib tricks.

The usual stance used in freestyle is the ‘duck foot’ stance which is when the back foot is facing the back end of the board. Freestyle riders usually use a shorter board that has additional flex.


Freecarve or race is the style of snowboarding is used mainly for racing and carving. There is very little jumping if any with freecarve style as it generally focuses on carving.

Whatever style you prefer to use many resorts will be offer the appropriate slopes for you. Many resorts now have parks with rails and halfpipes for those wishing to performs some tricks.

Snowboarding is becoming a very popular sport among men and women of any age so be careful if you are trying it out you may soon be hooked.

Snowboarders will then have a second layer, usually consisting of a fleece or a jacket, thermal pants and boots. Some riders opt for flashy colors so you stand out on the slopes. Others go with a more natural look. If you want to see what’s hot right now, just check out what the top riders are wearing: guys like Shaun White and Travis Rice. I guarantee they won’t be wearing one of those funny joker hats!

Now snowboarders have the basics on they can get a bit more stylish with the top layer of clothing. So, on come the beanie hats, with some stylish goggles, a puffer jacket, gloves and last but not least your snowboard with its often funky designs.

With a seemingly endless amount of new designers around and the ever increasing popularity of snowboarding, fashion and sports are colliding, leaving the half pipe looking more like a catwalk every week!


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