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How are Snowboards Measured?

The measurements of snowboards are an important part of learning how to snowboard. They also tell you how to wear them. You may think that learning how to snowboard is just about how tall or how wide your board is. This is not true.

Snowboards are measured in inches, which is the standard measurement for most snowboards. Most snowboards are measured in centimeters like the average adult size is 147 cm, but there are many other measurements as well.

Snowboards Size Chart

Rider Height (Inches)Rider Height (cms)Rider Weight (lbs)Snowboard Size (cms)


Snowboard boots are measured along the side of the boot, while the “toe” of the boot touches the ground and the heel of the boot is above the rider’s heel. Snowboard bindings are attached to the board through cleats. The bindings are adjustable and each boot is attached to the board.


Most people who are just learning to snowboard do not know how to tell what size snowboard bindings are needed. The best way to start to determine what size snowboard bindings are needed is to find out the boot size of the snowboarder. The average adult snowboarder is about 5’6″ tall and weighs about 140-155 pounds.

Snowboard Width

The next step in learning how to measure snowboards is to measure the width of the rider’s torso. The snowboarder must decide how much space he or she desires for his or her feet to be spread on the snowboard. Usually this space is about four to six inches, but can vary depending on how the snowboard is being used. The boots may not stretch over the snowboard too much.

Snowboard Width & Boot Size Chart

Boot Size (US Men’s)5.0 – 7.57.0 – 9.58.5 – 10.59.5 – 11.510.5+
Boot Size (US Women’s)Up to 6.06.0 – 8.58.0 – 10.510+
Board Waist Width (mm)225-235236-245246-250251-254255-259260+
Snowboard WidthNarrow / Women’sRegularMid-Wide to Wide


The last step is to find a manufacturer of snowboards who will cut the snowboards down to the proper size if you need to customize it. Measurements can be taken using a tape measurer or with a special electronic device.

Usually snowboards are ordered in “sizes” from small to extra large. A beginner’s snowboard can be ordered in a small size which will allow him or her to begin learning how to snowboard without having to invest too much money into a large size.