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How Much Do Snowboards Cost?

How much do snowboards cost? This is the question that many people who are just starting out in the sport of snowboarding ask.

The price range of snowboarding costs depends on the type of board, where you buy it, and what company manufactured it. There is no central place to find the cost of a snowboard. It varies by brand and type of snowboard. Clothing, binding, travel and ski lift costs also need to be paid. A full equipment may be between 200-300$ to 2000$ depending on its quality.

Let’s take a look at some of the main factors that influence how much a particular snowboard costs.

Type of Snowboards

One thing that will affect how much do snowboards cost is the type of snowboard you buy. Different brands will produce boards with different characteristics. So, you might spend a thousand dollars on a snowboard that is built for the professionals and features a lot of expensive features and parts.

On the other hand, you could save a few hundred dollars by buying a cheaper, entry-level snowboard and having it customized. When you buy a top-end model that features less expensive parts, it could cost thousands of dollars.

How Much Do Snowboards Cost

Snowboard Clothing

The next question you may have about how much does snowboarding cost is about how much snowboard clothing costs. Snowboard clothing is another area that varies widely.

Some brands like Salomon and Burton are known for their quality snowboarding clothing. Other budget brands are known for their cheaply made clothing that often falls apart after just a few uses.

When you are shopping for clothing, keep this in mind. If you are looking for clothing that will last a few years rather than a few months, you will likely pay more for the clothing.

Snowboard Binding

The next thing you should consider when you are figuring out how much do snowboards cost is the binding. Different bindings suit different styles of snowboards and riders. If you plan on doing freestyle, you probably don’t need to invest in specialized bindings.

You will most likely want to get some of the more expensive bindings however to ensure a comfortable ride for yourself and your friends. The cost of bindings varies between different brands.

Different bindings require different amounts of space in the boot and on the tail, which add to the overall cost of the snowboard. The more space you need, the more expensive the binding will be.

Snowboard Binding

Travel and Ski Lift Costs

Most importantly, when you are planning how much do snowboards cost, do not forget how much they cost to enjoy. Many people who like to travel to different resorts every year make the mistake of buying the cheapest possible lift ticket and then have to spend a fortune fixing their board.

You get one day, try to impress your friends by riding your newly purchased snowboarding equipment and then spend the rest of the day fixing your equipment and cleaning your clothes. Add up your lift ticket, your souvenirs from the slopes and your food at the top of the mountain and it’s pretty much obvious that you will spend more than just one day on a snowboarding trip.