How to Attach Snowboard to Roof Rack?

Many people enjoy winter sports, including snowboarding. If you’re one of these people, how do you get your snowboard to the mountain on top of your car? With modern technology, it’s easier than ever to attach a snowboard rack to your vehicle.

Install the carrier or cargo box on top of your car. Put the snowboard on the rack, and lock the carrier arms or tie straps around the snowboard. If you have a cargo box, install it, place the snowboard in it. Lock the box, and ready to go. Make sure to fix the items properly, so that they wouldn’t fall off and cause an accident.

In this post, we’ll show you how to attach your snowboard to your roof rack. Let’s get started!

Install the Carrier or Cargo Box Properly

Nowadays, many vehicles come with a factory installed rack. If you have one, then great! All you need to do is install a cargo box or carrier on top of it.

Follow the instruction manual for how to properly secure your cargo box/carrier to your roof rack. Most of them are pretty self explanatory.

If you don’t have a rack or cargo box, you can easily install one yourself. You can purchase roof racks that are ready to be installed on your vehicle in any auto store.

Your next step will be how to attach the carrier/cargo box to your snowboard.


Secure the Skis or Snowboards

What you’ll need to do is secure your skis or snowboards. The key here is to make sure that they are secured properly, but not too tightly. This way if there’s an accident, the boards won’t fly off and hurt someone.

How to Strap Snowboard Bag to Roof Rack?

Place your board on top of the carrier/cargo box with the binding facing down. Now, make sure that you attached the snowboard carrier or cargo box properly and tightly before doing this step.

Now how to attach snowboard to the roof rack? Just lock the arms of the cargo box around the board or tie down your boards using tie straps or rope.

The tail ends of the snowboard should face forward to avoid winds from pushing the boards backward.

A tie-down strap is a very common way when attaching a snowboard to roof rack. Just make sure that the board is not too loose or too tight.

You can also add a layer of padding like a bag or some kind of a blanket around the boards. This will keep your snowboards from moving around too much while you’re driving.

Make Your Life Easier with a Step When Assembling

It’s much easier to attach the skis or snowboards if you have a step stool. This will boost you up so that you can easily attach the board to your carrier/cargo box.

However, make sure not to lean on the cargo box too hard. You don’t want it falling off and injuring someone or risk falling off.

Choose Your Carrier or Cargo Box

Secure your skis or snowboards on top of your car. Your choices are a cargo box, like Thule, or a roof rack carrier.

Carrier or Rack

If you chose to use a carrier, how do you attach it?

Check how your carrier attaches to the roof rack. Most carriers attach with straps that go over the skis or snowboard, as well as a second set of straps for added security.

If you have several sets of snowboards on the rack, make sure to use the provided tie straps to secure them together. Otherwise keep at least an inch of space between them, so they wouldn’t hit each other during your drive.

Cargo Box

If you chose to use a cargo box, how do you secure it?

In general, cargo boxes can be secured with an included lock or rope. Some boxes may also come with other security options. As the name suggests, this is a closed container.

When purchasing a cargo box, consider the size of snowboard you’re planning to store. If you do not, your snowboard may not fit correctly inside the cargo box.

Also the goal here is to not have your board or skis slide around while you drive down the road. If you’re using a larger cargo box use internal straps or fillers to help secure the snowboard inside the cargo box.

A cargo box also gives you some much wanted extra space in your car. Now you can use the trunk for other necessities, ski boots, clothes, and other gear. A cargo box is also good for transporting other larger items on top of your car.


Can Skis or Snowboards Tied Directly to the Car Roof?

Yes, snowboards can be tied to a car roof, however it’s not recommended. If the car gets into an accident, it’s possible for the board to fly off and hit someone, and the driver will be responsible for any damages. Also, the top of the car is more likely to get scratched.

Many people still do it as a last resort – foam padding might help to fix this problem.

We recommend using a roof rack or cargo box to secure your skis or snowboards while you’re driving.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know how to attach a snowboard to your roof rack, it’s time to hit the slopes! Be sure to follow all instructions that come with your cargo box or carrier.

Take some practice runs in an open area before heading out into more treacherous territory.

Remember to always use caution when driving in winter weather and be aware of your surroundings. Have fun and stay safe while enjoying one of winter’s favorite pastimes!

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