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How to Take Your Snowboard on a Plane?

The most common question asked by people who want to learn how to take your snowboard on a plane is, “What do I need to pack for my trip?” The answer to this question will vary depending on the airline, in which you will be traveling. If you want to know how to take your snowboard on a plane with you, there are some general guidelines that you should keep in mind.

To take a snowboard on a plane you need to pack it properly, and check the airline guidelines about their ski baggage policy. Be aware of the specific size and weight limitations if there are any, and if you have to check in the boot bag separately. Bring the snowboard bag to the airport, check in, board and travel.

Have an Appropriate Bag or Cover for Your Snowboard

You should purchase a snowboard bag which can store all of your essential items. A simple board bag may not be enough depending on the size and shape of your snowboard. You will also want to make sure that your bag is packed appropriately. You do not want any of your snowboard’s hanging out of the board bag while you are boarding or landing.

Another option is to mail your snowboard in advance to the ski resort instead of traveling with it.

Snowboard on a Plane

Pack Your Snowboarding Accessories

Other items that people commonly forget to pack when taking their snowboard baggage on a plane include: helmet, boots (maybe you’ll need a separate bag for those), sunglasses, first aid kit, camera, video camera, light source (either rechargeable or flash), snowboarding t-shirt or sweater, sunscreen, raincoats, winter gloves, a blanket, a pack, and a pillow, maybe a sleeping bag.

It is also important to bring your own drinking water and other sports supplies. Pack your own food as well, but make sure that you have brought enough to last the duration of your flight.

In addition, do not forget to bring your documents such as passports, depending on where you will be traveling to. Before you leave for your trip, make sure that you read the terms and conditions that will affect your travel.

Check in with the Airlines

The next thing you need to know about how to take your snowboard on a plane is checking in with the airlines. Find out which airline services you will be using during your flight. Some airlines will only allow you to board with a ticket and you will have to pay for your own transportation to the airport.

Other airlines will allow you to board with a bag and then you will have to pay for your own transportation to the gate. There are also some airlines that will let you board with a ski pass, and they may have different ski and snowboard policies. Be sure to inquire in advance to avoid any inconveniences when you travel when checking in your ski and snowboard baggage. Some airlines have specific size or weight limitations, too.

Security Check with a Snowboard Bag

The next step on how to take your snowboard on a plane is going through the security check-points at the various airports. Know how to remove your shoes, socks, and clothes before walking through the metal detector and removing all jewelry. You might be asked to remove your belt and any other articles that are important to you from your clothing. You might also be patted down to check for any liquids or chemicals that could cause a problem.

After you are cleared to board, you will find that there are designated areas to check in your ski baggage. Find them and consult with airport personnel. Keep your balance as you are taking your snowboard to the plane. You do not want to tip over as it can cause serious damage to your body. Finally, make sure that you board with someone who knows how to take your snowboard on a plane so that you don’t get a scare when boarding.

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