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What Does Après-Ski Mean?

If you are an avid skier, you may not only be interested in just skiing, but in mixing with other sports enthusiasts and your skier friends as well. There is an important expression when it comes to this.

Après-ski literally translates to „after ski” or „after skiing” in French. The word originally comes from France, but the event is present everywhere. The term relates to the social activities after a day’s skiing, e.g. drinking a hot beverage and having a friendly conversation with other skiers.


What Time Does Après-Ski Start?

There is no official time for the start of aprés-ski for the skiers, but when it is starting to get dark or even after lunch, the skis start dropping down the mountain and the entire mountain becomes quiet with the exception of the resorts of course, until the time of dinner. Aprés-ski sessions will thus last from about 3-7pm, before having a delicious meal.

The way the actual word is pronounced, means post-ski or post skier. It practically means they are starting the music for the skiers that are coming down the slopes. The ski bars will have the latest version of the local flavor on tap, and will have plenty of opportunity to socialize and share their skiing experiences while having a drink.

What To Wear For Après-Ski?

There is no specific outfit that is required for aprés-ski events (or it may depend on the ski resort). Skiers may come straight from the skiing slopes, and wearing their ski clothing and boots. Skiers may also wear local ski clothing, something funny or just plain sweaters and leggings.

Closing Thoughts

So what does all have to do with the word “ski”? The word après-ski is a play on words. It is a slang way to indicate a great meal or a great bar. Some or most ski resorts have bars and they cater to skiers. When resorts advertise a party, they are inviting skiers to come and celebrate what is called the ” après-ski “.